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About Us

About Global Discount

Global discount, the globally provided discount retail chain that works underconsumer protection and Guidance society whose sole aim is to make the customers aware of the food products they have daily and giving it to them with the best quality and at an efficient price.

  • Global discount has dramatically changed the setup of retail discounts in Tamil Nadu which gives them the full command over their money.
  • Global discount started working based on a society (consumer protection and Guidance society) from 2018.
  • Global discount’s main aim is to bring high-quality customer products which should be provided in the right quantities and should also be provided at the cheapest possible price.

We, Global discount have planned to open several franchise shops in and around Tamil Nadu which will have the brand name of Global discount.

Vision & Mission:

We, global discounts have a long term goal to achieve which is to help our customers improve their respective financial status and to increase their health as well as we focus to provide their own financial choice.

Changing the purchase method, drastically:

For the past 1 year, Global discount changed the way in which their customers usually purchase. We plan to maintain the motto of consumer protection against organized retail tactics.

Maintaining the quality of the products:

Global discounts strictly follow the food analysis lab provided by our government agencies. We try hard to prove the quality of products under proven conditions before available for sale.

Creating awareness of the quality of the food products:

In this fast-moving world, most people are totally unaware of the type of nutrition which one gets while eating it. We, Global discount franchise take as much time to make our customers aware of the required nutrition.

Saving customers from getting misused:

We, at Global discount totally educate our customers on what we do. In that process, we make customers answer against the misuses such as overpriced products, lowquality products etc.

Encouraging small/medium owners:

Global discounts prepare an environment for Small/Medium scale owners to face the hurdles of Multinational retail operations.

Schemes for customers:

Every business considers customers as the end point of business but we, Global discount provides a fresh model which provides much more importance and connection of our own customers in the whole business.

Assistance for Entrepreneurs group:

Their inability to reach the customers is the main failure experienced by the Entrepreneurs group. We at Global discount, market their quality assured products.

Our Social Responsibilities:

  • Helping poor students with uniform, books etc.
  • Prizes for students scoring high marks
  • Free Computer Training
  • Pension scheme for disabled persons
  • Free ambulance service in emergencies
  • Free rice, sugar for the poor
  • Free drinking water supply at drought areas
  • Free medical assistance to cancer patients and others
  • Delivering bicycle for self-employment seekers
  • Training in goat rearing
  • A center for growing fodder grass
  • Giving computers for eligible students for higher studies
  • Distribution of food, clothes and domestic equipment at areas of natural disaster
  • Consumer conglomerates once in six months
  • Free food
  • Free festival kits for the poor
  • Free tours for select consumers

Career opportunities:

We, Global discounts are planning to create a detailed job opportunity in manufacturing, agriculture, and Service areas.

Contributing to India’s growth :

As India's growth is rapid in all sectors, India’s independence in technology, manufacturing field, and food provides a great way of growth for India. The global discount works hard and harder for the development of India.

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